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Powerless empowerment

For the first few hours of my day today, my home had no power. It was very cold outside, below freezing, and at first I was annoyed at all the conveniences suddenly removed from my grasp.

Then time stretched before me. No email to check, no laundry to run. I sat down and wrote a letter for the first time in ages; I used to do this regularly. I realized even as my tendinitis-prone hand began to cramp that I enjoy the physical act of writing very nearly as much as the self-expression and communication itself. My loopy script scrawled across two pages before I looked up, and I resolved to do this more often. (Pen pal, anyone?)

A bit later, I noticed the pleasant lack of electronic buzz in the background. Other sounds of the day penetrated my awareness more clearly; the wind chimes seemed to be calling my name. I stepped out -- barefooted, in short sleeves -- into the cold morning and walked through the yard. The rush of cold air across my skin brought an almost exhilarating alertness (one reason I love winter).

I haven't spent as much time outside lately as I would like, with sickness and all the entrappings of daily life in a modern world only too glad to lock me indoors. Winter embraced me like a mother and her wayward child come home at last, and I stood in delight, soaking in the world around me. The wind blew the dust and grit of technology off of my soul, and my eyes were wide open to the beauty rolled out before me.

Tell me...when was the last time you were absolutely mesmerized for moments on end by the shadows of trees dancing on a sunlit patch of grass?

When was the last time you felt as if nature was rejoicing at your presence, your acknowledgment of the splendor around you through the joy and delight rising in your own soul in that timeless anthem dedicated to life itself?

How about in the next brand new day? If tomorrow is a gift, unwrap it with all of the vigor of an impatient child who knows he will find behind the pretty paper his innermost desires unveiled and met before his eyes.


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