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STILL still here. 2013 and onward!

Here we are, in 2013, and I am back again! I've been regularly blogging about the mundane and vaguely interesting bits of life over at, but keeping up even that much has proved itself a challenge.

It's not that I failed to post here because I haven't been doing my Bardic coursework or walking deeper into my Druidic journey and studies, but because I have been. I have so much to say that I don't even know where to begin!

It's looking like I may be ready for entrance to the Ovate grade in late spring. If there's anything these past two years in the Bardic grade have taught me, though, it's that the spirit has its own timing -- and that that is a beautiful and respectable thing. You can't rush through the spiritwork you need to do, especially the foundational work, or you cheat yourself and are likely to stumble or feel lost later on. I am thoroughly enjoying where I am, even as I feel called forward.

Forward I will my own good time. That in itself is a life lesson I've never really embraced before, or allowed myself to fully experience. I am not beholden to any schedule, even my own dreamed-up plans.

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