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Wolf prints, mid-July edition

I mean to make this a regular feature, twice per month or so. In wolf print blog entries, you will find links, music, and more from my travels through the internet and elsewhere, things that caught my attention.

These are the authors of the moments of "Ohhh" and "Neat!" and "I had no idea..." as well as rich treasures I have long held in my hands and find myself returning to often. They may be emotionally stirring, intellectually magnetic, or spiritually satisfying; I also reserve the right to post silly and random things that I nonetheless find valuable. Sometimes the most random things that tug at me for reasons I am not aware of may well resonate within another heart.

In this inaugural run of the wolf print feature, I thought I would begin with my favorite song of all time. It is my personal anthem and though it was never terribly well-known, it resonates with me today every bit as much as it did when I first listened to it with tears streaming down my face and a huge "Yes!" in my soul.

In smile-worthy news, could it be that our society is actually one of 'survival of the kindest'? That is what a very interesting body of research is suggesting. Read about it here.

I also wish to share this video with you, of a man who has learned to harness his spiritual power to help others. I believe we are all capable of such things, even if our precise gifts might vary (some have the gift of, say, elocution; others may have the gift of foresight or the ability to be a comfort to all they come into contact with simply by passing a bit of energy to them, letting their aura envelop them for a moment, however you'd like to conceptualize it).

In closing, I would like to direct your attention to a wonderful group of guided meditations by Philip Carr-Gomm and others, which you can learn more about in this post on Philip's own blog. Although meditation forms an important part of my spiritual journey, I had not done much with guided meditation. I decided to purchase the compilation of meditations because I have had trouble focusing lately and was becoming somewhat frustrated with my inability to center myself.

I have only, thus far, listened to/journeyed through the meditation dealing with the Earth element, but am very much looking forward to the others. I listened to this last night and was pleasantly surprised at how willing my body and spirit were to be led into tranquility. I hadn't realized the acute and gradual toll stress had taken until it was lifted and peace happily reclaimed its place at the core of my being. I woke up this morning still feeling so much better!

Also, today for the first time in a month of failed attempts due to my iron levels being out of sync, I was able to donate blood, and I believe it was at least in part due to the renewed vitality and equilibrium I achieved with the aid of this meditation. This is the least stressed I've been in weeks.

What do you think of wolf prints? Good idea, bad idea? Did you like the assortment of materials here, or would you prefer to see something a bit more organized?
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