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Still here!

Hello, all. :) I hope your 2012 has been wonderful thus far and is only a hint at the great things to come later on. 

I don't do New Year's resolutions, per se, but perhaps I should next time. I've discovered I'm very bad at actually doing the things I need to do for me. I keep telling myself things like, I'll blog after I do X and Y and Z and by the time all of that is done, I'm too tired or all my words have fled! The same is very unfortunately true lately for my Druid practice. 

And what's worse is that when I don't do these things, when I don't talk to the wide world out there via this blog, about my random observations and spirit-related thoughts and musings, and when I don't take the time I need to progress in the gwersu, I suffer for it. My mood is less even-keeled. I'm more easily irritated; life gets to me when it should roll off easily. 

I've been stuck on a particular lesson, and I kept making myself the promise that I would reach out to my tutor and see what she had to say on it. I never did. My poor tutor has a very poor communicator in me, even though I'd love to message back and forth with her. I don't know what stops me there, but that's a problem I want to address, and not on some airy-fairy tomorrow when I might not get to it. That's something I'm working on this weekend. And I will update y'all once I've made contact. Putting it here will keep me accountable.

I love the path I'm on. I just need to take the time for myself that I need in order to keep my feet moving forward on it!

How have you shortchanged yourself lately? What will you do to fix it?
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