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Imbolc gifts

I meant to pop on here yesterday to wish everyone a blessed Imbolc. What a wonderful point in the wheel of the year!

I did not get to celebrate as fully as I would have liked, but I did mark the occasion with prayer and a return to ritual work. I really am un-stuck now, and I found it entirely fitting that the lesson I'm on addresses the very problem I was having. 

There is a deep connection for me with Brighid, and this is her time. My ritual work is as-yet very simple, but I feel the effects of opening myself to the goodness of Spirit and the god/dess faces who guide me. I am still working off the attitudes of my prior experiences with faith in some ways (so many organized paths are guilt-based!), and the vestiges of old ways make me more hesitant, timid, than I would otherwise be. It is improving though, with time and effort. 

Do you remember in my last post when I spoke of feeling unbalanced, off-kilter, when I haven't kept up with my lessons and spiritual/ritual practice? The inverse is also true. :)

I've been having trouble sleeping this week, more trouble than usual. I just can't seem to stay asleep, and when I've dreamed, the dreams have been unpleasant. Last night, though, was a completely different story.

Last night, I was asleep within ten minutes of crawling into bed. I slept straight through until my alarm went off. And my dream...I dreamed such a lovely scene, of making a corn dolly for Imbolc with friends, lovingly tying on a bit of red ribbon that I'd saved especially for the occasion. I can picture the village, see the smiling faces, feel the excitement of marking the turn toward spring and honoring the Mother.

I woke up happy, musing on my dream. It felt like a gift, if that makes any sense (and even if it doesn't!). So too has this day. I feel balanced again, back in tune with a vital part of myself.

Thank you, Brighid, for your blessings as the first blossoms break through the wintering earth. The blossoms in my heart are no less promising. :)


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